To create value for our customers and investors through the safe and reliable operations of our modern fleet and to be the preferred service provider in bulk shipping.


To be the preferred service provider in bulk shipping.


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Corporate strategy

The objective for 2020 Bulkers is to maximize shareholder returns from its six Newcastlemax vessels. The Group will look to charter the vessels to strong counterparties and will focus on returning the maximum capital to the shareholders in the form of a high dividend yield payout.

Financial strategy

2020 Bulkers targets a moderate and reasonably priced financial leverage to ensure a sustainable cash breakeven level. 2020 Bulkers will have a strong focus on capital discipline through the business cycles.

Dividend policy

2020 Bulkers has an intention to pay out the majority of its free cash flow after debt service on a monthly basis. The first monthly dividend was declared in November 2019. Any dividends declared in the future will be at the sole discretion of the Board and will depend upon earnings, market prospects, current capital expenditure programs and investment opportunities. The timing and amount of dividends, if any, is at the discretion of the Board. The Company cannot guarantee that its Board will declare dividends in the future.


2020 Bulkers is fully committed to Health, Safety, Quality and the Environment and identifies this as being essential to the long-term financial success of the company. Accidents can be prevented and no personnel injury, damage to property or environment is acceptable.


Health, whether physical or mental wellbeing, is paramount to quality of life. 2020 Bulkers is committed to conducting operations and business affairs at the highest industry standards, in a safe and efficient way, with the objective to preserve and enhance the health of our employees.


Safety is the core of our activities, both in the office or onboard our ships, and shall be conducted to safeguard persons from harm or injury and prevent damage to property. 2020 Bulkers´ employees are expected to identify operational risks and implement safe work practices.


Quality is a keystone of what we do every day at work and we are committed to deliver high quality service to customers. 2020 Bulkers will ensure our crew and ships operate and maintain our ships at the highest quality standard in the industry.


Environment is under threat and the company believes we all are responsible to preserve and protect the environment from any form of pollution to enhance quality of life for all world citizens and future generations. 2020 Bulkers is committed to ensure employees and contractors understand and comply with the policy to achieve the ultimate target of ‘zero pollution’ by adopting and complying with all relevant laws, guidelines and best practice in the shipping industry.

ESG Report 2023

2020 Bulkers acknowledges the environmental, social and governance "ESG" challenges facing our industry today. This report highlights how we address these issues.
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Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct outlines the standards and behaviours
that help to shape and strengthen our culture and meet our commitment to honest and ethical conduct.
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Company Bye-Laws

We believe that strong corporate governance is part of every successful organization and are fully committed to keeping the highest standards in place.
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The Norwegian Transparency Act Report

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